Gentle, soothing laser dentistry

Gentle, soothing laser dentistry

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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatments can be performed quicker and with less pain by using diode lasers. Bacteria are effectively killed, and even hard-to-treat inflammations around the root can be cured, allowing the tooth to be preserved in most cases.

Gum pockets

Bacteria and inflamed tissue in gum pockets can be removed using diode lasers, which reduce the pocket size and stabilise the tooth, thereby usually avoiding the need for unpleasant gum operations.


Using diode lasers after surgical procedures significantly speeds up the healing process. Operated areas biostimulated using the diode laser heal quicker and hurt a lot less.

Painful temporomandibular joint with muscular complaints

Painful temporomandibular joints and associated painful muscle cramps can be quickly and successfully treated using diode lasers.

Ulcers and herpes

There was previously no permanently successful way of fighting ulcers and herpes. Diode laser treatments are a major advancement, significantly relieving pain and tension. The healing process is also generally much quicker and simpler than with conventional methods, as bacteria is killed off particularly effectively.

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